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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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nothing can be teched here on the country if we can be taxed is just going to hold in the hands away the equipment used when the bunker was a parishioner was the complex extends kilometers underground creating a rapid war and below the streets jump packed with people comes here deep underground visitors to the bunker get a chance to experience what it would have been like if moscow would ever being hit by a nucular attack and this facility it happens to be the red lights flashing out the sirens wailing and a voice over explains that moscow is being hit by a ten megaton you kill a bomb test the basic most of the city i have to say even though you know this is just part of the visit to the bunker seventy feels very real peter all of it on t.v. . now a documentary about soldiers who remained true to their convictions on dad who defied military authority that's coming our way in just a few moments together with a recap of our main news headlines do stay with us. line
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. would be so much brighter if you need ballots. from fans to pressure.
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me through stunts on t.v. dot com. wealthy british style it's time to. market. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the country reports. now. to rescue the last of the five vessels in the ice off russia's far east coast . and. also among the stories that shaped the mass deaths of fish around the globe conspiracy. theories some say science is struggling to
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come up with the answers. asylum policies on the last year's string of terror arrests. at lax check stop the blame for the spread of an extremist threat. by my colleague i know it will be here in half an hour's time but up next it's soldiers who have dared to go against the order of their superiors no matter what the price that's coming up here on our thank you for watching. noice can you hear it. it's coming from the earth it's the sound of despair
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despair and. noise south millions of men women and children living in appalling conditions in extreme poverty extreme violence extreme exploitation. they are the orphans of the technological age. at the table of the rich and powerful these are their stories some are shocking others . but in their own right. extreme. as extreme as the compulsion for soldiers to disobey orders against their convictions and values. this is the story of three soldiers in three
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countries and three areas each was compelled to break his pledge of allegiance. was. i know. i'm not good at i. doubt. that i did that i that i've. got i've got. that i brought my buddy. in the army we were supposed to submit willingly to our superiors orders like the i observe the rule in my entire life until that infamous september eleventh is see i knew that blood was being spilled in the streets on it. but courses were floating
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in the river. to sit down to vent crimes for being committed. to i could no longer be a member of an army that was responsible for these injustices causing let it but then if you know it the kids it will get. it this is the fishes. show whenever i feel the comes a nightmare. shine your good lord turns into satan to selfishness the ton and the day turns into night shift selfishly like that.
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i. you have the obligation to refuse to leave but when it's when you no longer believe in what you are doing womanhood and you can no longer stand up for your actions you must refuse. it. if you don't have a good reason to go to war. if you don't have a purpose if you don't feel that you're doing something noble. if you don't believe deep within yourself that you fighting for freedom if you
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don't believe deep within yourself that you're fighting for democracy. if you don't believe that you're fighting. to make the world a safer place and you're left without a purpose you're nothing but my mercenary. and that's why i'm sad not to go back to my unit in iraq because i completely disagree in this works and more on criminal and i don't want to be a part of it. but
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. when you're a soldier. basically what makes you a soldier in legal terms is the fact that you sign a. answer one once you see you've signed that contract you are. supposed to do everything they tell you to do you're supposed to follow orders.
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when there is a war. and they give you your give me your orders. it's very hard to see a human being to accept that because you're not really taking part of in the process of. deciding whether that war is legal or it's illegal or if it's moral or immoral. but such believe such moral view. has absolutely nothing to do with what you have to do as a soldier you have to follow your orders. and that is one of the most frustrating things among being a soldier and that you have no say.
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at the new academy when after fifteen days in the states i was supposed to go back to iraq. better nor would better the decision not to report to you know military commander. was not easy to make it was very hard on them i'm risking a larger starting with my freedom i'm exposing myself to humiliation. i mean risking my immigrant status in this country that's huge because i have a daughter who lives here.
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in. all of this has turned my life upside down for example i had to leave my home i stopped using my credit cards and my cell phone on me i couldn't see my daughter for fear of being arrested that i had to live with friends or relatives. i contacted lawyers my whole life changed when i wasn't free anymore i couldn't go back to college or get a job all this caused a lot of emotional turmoil in my life. within and. as a practitioner of military law over the last twenty six years i've returned many people to military control and it is never easy for someone to go bad it's never easy it takes great courage for camilla to do what he is doing today because he does not know what he faces upon his return to military authority thank you thank. god.
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thank you thank you i'm thankful. i did not prepare a statement because what i have to say i have to say from the heart and it's a very simple message in a message and it simply is that i'm saying no to war. we're dying there iraqis are being killed every day and then here people are you know reading us about janet jackson's breast or the super bowl or whatever when there is a war going on right now and there are people dying and people lose perspective very easily and hurts me deep inside because i'm a soldier and i saw the suffering firsthand and i'm making this stand right here not. to prove that i'm right or anything like that but because of the soldiers in iraq who disagree with this war but don't have the strength to come forward so i'm doing it for that i'm not trying to my back my comrades i have this i'm not going
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to be a part of the war but i'm going back to the military today i have really no idea what's going to happen but whatever happens if they try to say that i'm a criminal and they gave me many years in jail i listen know that that i made the right decision in the god has forgiven me already thank you. thank you thank the military now once he returns to military control has the discretion to decide what to do with him they can choose the administrative route that is processing his claim for conscientious objection or they could choose age. judicial route to resolve this matter if they were to choose the judicial route then there is that strong possibility that he would face trial by court martial. we need to wrap this office after this press conference what we intend to do is to take a bus and we intend to travel about thirty minutes from here to hanscom air
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force base while we arrive at the front gate we don't know wirral take him there are many unknowns. i was born in nicaragua into a politically active family my mother worked for the government. was an officer. my father is a poet who sang in the revolution. states when i was eighteen years old. and i. felt like a stranger everywhere i went. when i came here country . i figured i should try to fit into north american society.
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the heart of this country. for me joining the army was a way of becoming a member of a fraternity. i already had clearly defined political views. anyone who comes to another country. especially in this country which is the jewish . supposed to be a place for everyone. to
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be a part of the israeli society. everyone else. has . to everything. that's how i became a volunteer paratrooper. the best. record to prove it. i had been accepted at the military school i felt like the man on earth with my cadets uniform. at the end of the first year.
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two years later graduated from the. well the rank of artillery officer. i was successful as a soldier i did my job and i was promoted i received several medals. and marks of recognition things were going very well. in the military i was proud to be an infantry soldier because the infantry is supposed to be the toughest job in the army the most dangerous job. but. i find those deeply moving but while we're still a child. as i listen to the military band and watch the troops march by i mean i relive some of the happiest moments in my life. when i was an officer of the army the army prior to september eleventh.
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the deaths of thousands of people civilians the terrorist attacks that's not something you can forget. very sad when it all happened. time that my national guard unit would be mobilized and we would be sent into the field to fight or to carry out a real mission. since there had been so many victims it seems to me that if the situation was handled properly if there was a thorough investigation to identify the people responsible for the attacks then a mission to find them and bring them to justice when all of this seemed
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a good cause. at the time i still thought that being in the army and serving you know. could be done for valid reasons and could produce good results you know the employee i want.
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like the move it back off of the military installation good good. move it back. good. move it back off and backwards. let. me. get it.
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we stayed at what baghdad international airport for four or five days. then we went to an iraqi air force base occupied by the u.s. army. and. we started talking to people and they told us they approved of the invasion. and they were happy to be free from the oppression of saddam hussein. the same time
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they wanted to regain control of their country. they didn't want an extended occupation. real confrontation happened at the town hall and. that's where we had our first combat experience. there was a demonstration in support of and against george bush. one of the. first there was no violence the demonstrators were shouting their slogans nothing more than. after forty five minutes of protest. started throwing grenades and it all became very violent. and the my unit was ordered to take defensive positions on the
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roof of the town hall. we were told to open fire if anyone threw grenades at us. the. moment the one point silence fell complete silence all of the demonstrators about two hundred people started moving from one place to the other. one corner we saw a young man coming towards us he was holding something in his hand. through the telescope. been specifically ordered to shoot to kill if anyone threw something that young man was holding something and he threw it at us. it was a grenade and we all fired at him.
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he. was the first time in my life the target wasn't made of plastic. it wasn't a picture it was a human being. a living breathing human being. and nothing that young man by the way couldn't possibly reach us because he was much too far. and. the. i shot him too and he was killed by our bullets he started bleeding demonstrators drank through his own blood. for the first time i saw what bullets from a rifle from. someone to a human body. when those bullets pierced through human flesh and you see blood and death. and you realize one. minor and
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you understand what all this training was for. i had never seen first hand a human being killed by bullets and it was really hard for me that it's something i haven't been able to forget and i will never forget. remember the first time. tell me about it you know why.
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it was shows three. or four in the morning three. there were five of us lying in ambush. flat on the ground. one of us was always keeping watch. because we would always switch every fifteen minutes. all of a sudden i heard the sound of gravel rolling down. of the i saw three fighters climbing towards us. whether it was very quietly very slowly only. i thought if i wake up the other is there will be me. to shoot or not to shoot
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to be or not to be. i had no other choice but to open fire. i only had two seconds to shoot three men. with among suddenly it's not an exercise anymore it's for real. before the first shot i'd track to the bullet inside and hit the guy right here if i saw it as face explode but if you look with but the thick illicitly shoe i just had the time you see the second guy he had turned to look at his buddy who's had it been blown away i shot and killed him too. the third one looks toward me to see where the shots were coming from. with the less that he saw me and
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he raised his collision a cough but it only took me half a second to shoot him down. have come i got up and went over to see. i just stood there. looking down at the bodies. for fifteen minutes. maybe longer he's maybe fifty years. could most move all of the ideals i had when i was eighteen or nineteen. all of the good things the beautiful things my dreams could have very much they all started falling apart. i was just an empty shell. with a uniform and a gun. very strong very.


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